Conservatorships exist for times when a person no longer has the ability to care for themselves. Conservatorships can be of the person, of the estate, or both. In all instances, the probate court appoints a fiduciary (the conservator) to manage the affairs of the conservatee. Many times, there is conflict over who should be appointed the conservator. The conflict can arise between family members who seek to be conservator, or it can arise when the court decides to appoint a third-party conservator over a family member. Conservatorship proceedings can be complex, due to the delicate nature of the proposed conservatee, family dynamics, and the unique procedures and processes that encompass the proceedings. As your attorneys, we not only seek to assist you in navigating these legal complexities, we also seek to bring a quick resolution and harmony to what can otherwise be a stressful and emotional process.

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Business Litigation

We are both experienced civil litigators who combine aggressive and smart advocacy with cost-effective solutions. Between us, we have litigated extensively in the areas of business (contract, fraud), real estate, and employment, among others. We have also appeared and argued before most superior courts in the Bay Area, as well as the First District Court of Appeals in San Francisco. Litigation can be stressful. Which is why we strive to taken on that burden on your behalf, while providing reassurance to you that all of your concerns and goals are being addressed. One feature that distinguishes our civil litigation practice is our ability to tailor fee arrangements to suit each client's unique needs. In doing this, our aim is to allow the client to focus on their case and not the bill. 

We have successfully litigated a variety of cases, including actions for breach of contract, fraudulent misrepresentation/concealment, real estate buy/sell disputes,  and employment (unpaid wages). In addition to trial advocacy, we have also secured favorable results through private mediation.

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Family Law

Divorce is an emotional and overwhelming experience, especially when it involves child custody and support.  

We have handled a spectrum family law cases from simple uncontested divorces to highly disputed issues of asset distribution, child custody, child support and long term spousal support.  

We advocate for every right our clients are entitled to ensure that our clients are treated fairly throughout the family law process.
We understand the personal nature of your case and know how to guide you in a healthy and expedient manner.  Family law cases deeply affect our clients and as such, we ensure that our clients are kept up to date as to the status of their case and that client calls are returned promptly.

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Personal Injury

If you have been injured by another, be it through a car accident, poorly maintained property, or negligence,
we have the knowledge, skill, and determination to win your case.

Other law offices will entrust personal injury cases to legal assistants or paralegals to handle and negotiate.

At Great Oaks Lawyers, our clients and their cases are handled by an attorney from start to finish ensuring a knowledgeable, skilled and determined attorney is pushing for the best results.

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